September 21, 2019
Trade and Investment Glossary

Economic Activity
It is an activity when resources such as equipment, labour, manufacturing techniques, information networks or products are combined, leading to the creation of specific goods or services. An activity is characterized by an input of products (goods or services), a production process and an output of products.
Definition Source: NACE Rev. 1, Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, Introduction, Eurostat, May 1996, P. 14-15, European Union, Council Regulation (EEC) No 696/93 of 15 March 1993 on the statistical units for the observation and analysis of the production system in the Community (Official Journal of the European Communities No L 076, 30/03/1993, p. 1), Section IV B1 and B4 of 15.03.1993 on the statistical units for the observation and analysis of the production system in the Community and Eurostat

Economic and Trade Grouping
It is the grouping of two countries or more based on economic, trade, and/or structural aspects. Examples of these groupings are: European Union, Least Developed Countries, North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA), Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Refer back to the section "Composition of Regions and Economic and Trade Groupings".
Definition Source: TIIS Team inspired by UN Statistics Division breakdown of Trade and Economic Groupings. See:

An enterprise is an institutional unit in its capacity as a producer of goods and services; an enterprise may be a corporation, a quasi-corporation, a non-profit institution, or an unincorporated enterprise.
Definition Source: 1993 SNA, Paragraph 5.17. 5.1.

An establishment is an enterprise, or part of an enterprise, that is situated in a single location and in which only a single (non-ancillary) productive activity is carried out or in which the principal productive activity accounts for most of the value added. On a different note, any project registered in Jordan Investment Board can be referred to as an establishment.
Definition Source: 1993 SNA, Paragraph 5.21. 6.80.

Exports and Export Value of Goods (merchandise)
Goods leaving the statistical territory of a country. In the general trade system, the definition of the statistical territory of a country coincides with its economic territory. In the special trade system, the definition of the statistical territory comprises only a particular part of the economic territory, mainly that part which coincides with the free circulation area for goods. The free circulation area is a part of the economic territory of a country within which goods may be disposed of without Custom restrictions.
Definition Source: United Nations (1998b). International Merchandise Trade Statistics -- Concepts and Definitions. Statistics Division, Series F, No. 52, Rev. 2 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.98.XVII.16).

Exports of Goods and Services
Exports of goods and services consist of sales, barter, or gifts or grants, of goods and services from residents to non-residents; the treatment of exports and imports in the SNA is generally identical with that in the balance of payments accounts as described in the Balance of Payments Manual.
Definition Source: 1993 SNA, paragraphs 14.88. [14.91.] [14.94.]

Exports of Services
Represents the receipts from travel, transportation, government and other services gained by residents from non-residents.
Definition Source: Central Bank monthly statistical bulletin.

Exports Value
This entry provides the total JD amount of merchandise exports on an f.o.b. (free on board) basis.
Definition Source: TIIS Team


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