September 18, 2019
About TIIS
In an effort to improve Jordan's data on trade and investment and in light of the pressing need of availing accurate, timely, and comparable statistics for effective policy-making, The Department of Statistics, has taken the initiative to establish a single on-line Trade and Investment Information System (TIIS), a system designed to automatically compile, standardize and publish some of the most updated national statistics on trade and investment according to internationally and nationally recognized standards. Statistics in the TIIS are furnished and periodically updated by eight participating government entities that generate primary data on trade and/or investment in Jordan. They are:
  • Department of Statistics
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Companies' Controller Department
  • Central Bank of Jordan
  • Jordan Industrial Estates Corporation
  • Amman Chamber of Industry
  • Jordan Investment Board

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Government Performance Directorate, and Jordan Customs Department are also playing a major role in the development of the system.

All participating government entities are committed to the advancement and institutionalization of trade and investment data collection, classification and publication in a manner that adheres to the standards and formats set forth by TIIS. The governance structure of the TIIS and other business aspects were constructed by following the example of similar experiences in Ireland and Australia. The ISO/IEC11179 standard was used when appropriate. The latter standard describes standardizing and registering data for the purpose of making it shareable (i.e., interoperable). International best practices and other countries' experiences, have taught us that nation-wide statistical systems and data quality improvements require long-term commitment and serious subsequent efforts.

Based on the review of best practices, the TIIS governance structure was established and its operational procedures were designed. At present, the TIIS is headed by an Executive Committee, and is monitored by a Control Committee. Both committees include one or more representative from each participating government entities, known as the "data steward" and/or the "data submitter".

The Data Steward/Data Submitter is mainly tasked with the standardization, verification, and validation of data. At present, TIIS includes data pertaining to trade and investment only. Nonetheless, the system is designed in a flexible and accommodative manner that would enable it to absorb as much as the full set of the national economic information of Jordan in the future.


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